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This is my portfolio which includes my best writings and assessments throughout Spring2007 semester. In my opinion, it was a wonderful idea from our instructor Mr. Jerald Cumbus to assign this portfolio as the final exam of this course rather than the conventional exam that asks for a well written essay in two hours which will put students under stress. In fact, I must admit that I have learned a lot from the Com 102 course. To be honest, I was always complaining from the very beginning of the semester because of the too much writing assignments we had. I believed that I didn’t have to write since I am a Junior Civil Engineering student who should focus more on his major courses. Besides, my grades at the beginning didn’t preach that I will get a good grade in this course, as my overall average reached 66% by the end of February. However, everything changed when I started to work on Moodle which I consider as my turning point in this course. In Moodle, I was able to express my opinions to my instructor and classmates since we were asked to submit at least two news blogs every week. At the beginning, I was really scared because I didn’t know what to write and where to start from, but after I have submitted more responds, I realized that writing is not a talent, but it is a skill that needs practicing and promoting.



The portfolio starts with the essay section. Actually, I wrote four essays this semester. The first essay was a narrative essay; I had a difficult time with this essay since it was a new type of essay that I didn’t use to write before. Therefore, I preferred not to submit it. The second and the third essays were argumentative essays where we were asked to write about polygamy and globalization, I got a B+ in the polygamy essay and an A- in the third essay. The third essay was about globalization effects on the UAE economy. I got some comments from Mr. Jerald and my classmates who assessed my essay and most comments were about the format of the APA documentation. So, I tried in this portfolio to correct my mistakes and adjust the APA documentation. The second essay I put in this portfolio is a process essay that talks about designing an efficient water pumping and storage system in Benekot. Actually, I liked this essay very much because it entitles me to apply all what I have learned so far in Civil Engineering in order to help this village; I was awarded 97 for this essay. However, there were some minor problems in the APA documentation which I tried to avoid in this portfolio.


The second section is the respond section. Responds are what I have submitted so far on Moodle. Actually, I have submitted 90 responds this semester. So, I had some difficulties to choose my best three responds. The first respond is a reply on an article-written by Basma Afana- that talks about the difficulties that Muslim women face in Quebec. The second respond is also a reply on an article written by-Farrah Khaleifa- about the recent shooting in Virginia University, while the final respond is about the film “Bowling for Columbine”. This is a documentary film produced by Michael Moore whose purpose is to find a reason for Columbine bloodshed. I chose these three responds because they represent my good critical thinking. I believe that writing journals has helped us to enhance our critical thinking and debates.


The last section is the assessment section. I put my best five assessments for students’ essays in this section. To be honest, I was very harsh in grading because I wanted to help students to know their mistakes so as they can correct them to get a higher grade in the portfolio.


Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Jerald for everything he did for us this semester. He was always available during his offices hours to help and encourage me to write better essays and get higher grades.



Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.