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Bowling for Columbine

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Michael Moore’s message is to prove for the American government that the gun policy which allows people to own guns easily is not correct because it has affected the American society negatively. To start with, Moore started by giving some statistical data about the annual increase in the number of victims in America due to the gun policy. Moore didn’t stop here, but he also showed that the increase in the number of murder cases has spread fear in most of Americans’ hearts, as they are afraid now from their neighbours and scared of going outside without taking their guns; whereas this fear doesn’t exist in Canada. Most importantly, Moore discussed the issue that people use their guns as if they are imitating the shooting video-games they play daily, not to mention that people might use their guns spontaneously because of a song they are listening to. For instance, Moore gave the example of how Marilyn Manson’s songs might make people enthusiasm to use their guns and kill people. Finally, I think that Moore wanted also to deliver other messages such as that we are living in peace not like the Americans and the US- foreign policy must be adjusted. Nevertheless, I think the message related to the gun policy is the most important one.




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