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Reply : Shooting in Virginia University

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Well, this is really horrible and catastrophic! I don't know why terrorism has also reached universities! What did these students do in order for their lives to be ended in that catastrophic way? I strongly believe that the US government is the only responsible for that not the Korean guy because the same scenario happened before 7 years in Columbine High School, the reason for Columbine bloodshed was the gun policy that allowed people regardless of their age to own guns easily. The US government at that time was supposed to restrict owning guns or even banned them, but nothing had been done and the scenario repeated itself again but now in Virginia. Actually, I cannot imagine what was going to happen if the killer was an Arabic person. I am quite sure that the American government would attach the word terrorism to all Arab countries. Finally, I believe that what happened in Virginia must be a message for America to prohibit owning gun before it becomes too late to ban them, then “No benefit to cry over the spilled milk”.


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